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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The youngest father in the world

The youngest father in the world

A British student became in the 13-year-old father of the youngest in Britain, where the livelihoods of the girl, his girlfriend, which does not exceed the age of 15 years, as newspapers reported Friday 13-2-2009 m.

Patten acknowledged the two did not think that will depend how he and his girlfriend, Chantelle Steadman girl who Osmyaha Messi Roxanne, as it did not receive even "pocket money from parents."

"When my mother learned of the matter, I thought I was in trouble."

The newspaper "The Sun" on the front page a picture of a baby boy who was born in Eastbourne, southern England.

The boy, who appears younger than his age, which does not exceed 122 cm in length, "we wish to retain the fetus, but we were worried about the reaction of others. I did not know how I feel when it will become a father. But I would be a good father of the girl child and Oraaha."

However, he acknowledged, "I did not think the question of costs, and how it Sonfq. So I do not get pocket money regularly. And sometimes my father gives me 10 pounds (11 euros)."

Dennis Patten said (45 years) and father of two that his son is fully committed to the new parental duties.

He said that the boy "might be interested in, and sit in the house to play. But he went to the hospital every day."

Chantelle took the girl child after having sex one time without protection and with two thousand, which has not exceeded the age at the time 12 years, according to the paper.


OtAi said...

haha.. donia.. donia.. takdak benda yang mustahil dah.. bila nafsu mengatasi akal.. ni la masyarakat yang akan terlahir nanti.. di Malaysia lagi teruk.. dah dapat anak,pi buang2 pulak.. dah dosa berzina satu hal.. ni tambah dosa membunuh plak.. masya Allah apa la nak jadi.. mana pihak2 berkuasa??

* masfahri * said...


mengikut perangkaan, malaysia dalam range 19-21 sudah rata2 pernah bersetubuh, dulu dalam 25-27. satu kemajuan.

amerika mmg rate die 13-15 kalau x salah. mmg advanced

* masfahri * said...

mengikut sumber berita yang sahih, sebenarnya ade 3-5 orang lagi yang pernah bersetubuh dengan perempuan tu dalam lingkungan 15 thn jgk, tapi yang parents diorang terima yang budak lelaki tu jugak, menantu mude kot haha....

Rohani said...

Allahuakbar, lindungilah kami semua dari fitnah duniawi....

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