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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Clever Living

Clever Living (Crazy Project)
That's the crazy project of Gabriel (20) and Tiago (27) Primo, 2 brothers living in Rio de Janeiro - they are sleeping, working, eating, well living on the side of a building 33 feet up in the air. And that's not just for a day, they've been doing that since the end of May and they plan to continue this weird adventure until August 20 In fact, it's a part of an art exhibit in Rio's old center, and what an exhibition! You don't see that everyday, so if you're in Rio this summer, don't forget to see this colourful living wall.


mama said...

Ni mesti kes xnak bayar sewa rumah..nk duduk free je..sanggup tu..

Jayshia McIntyre said...

I hope his hammock doesn't tear. That's a long way down. And where do they cook and bathe?

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