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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Civet:The Maker of Most Expensive Coffee

An Animal That Poops Gourmet Coffee:

Say Hello to the Civet: The Maker of $600 Coffee

Yes, it's true -- this mammal, native to Africa and Asia, is responsible for pooping out the world's most expensive coffee, called Kopi Luwak. Civets are fed coffee cherries, and during digestion the animal's enzymes mix with the coffee beans before they, ahem, pass through, giving the beans a unique, bitter taste. See how it all happens...

The Cherries Are Chosen
A farmer in East Java, Indonesia, picks coffee cherries to feed the civets.

A Whole Team at Work: Hand-Picking the Cherries

The Civet Approaches.. .

...Gets Ready to Dig In...

...And Is Joined by Friends for Dinner

Gathering the Dung With Gloves...
In East Java, workers use gloves to clear the results of the feast.

That Ain't Peanuts and Nougat.
Civet poop before it's turned into the coffee.

Separating It and Washing It Off

Another Step in Production

An Embarrassment of Riches
A worker displays the distinct, cleaned-off beans.

The Very Expensive End Result

Pictured: Coffee Alamid, one Philippine brand. Because a very limited sup


auto said...

this is shit...

Hazzy Ishak said...

yup. I watch about it on tv once...

Iz_JaT said...

Huh, shit.
this Real?


brapaharga? said...

nescafe ....... shit also

Cesc Faisal said...

selekeh la.. sape la yg nk beli nie..

gadiskura said...

ish i penah pegi Bali indonesia taun lepas n then i pege kat ladang buat kopi luwak...
kedatangan kami disambut oleh musang..
n i tgk cr dia org masak kopi tu after musang makan biji kopi tu..memang geli tekak..

my frens try tau kopi ni..
dia cakap sama je cm kopi biasa..pahit.eee wek22..

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