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Sunday, November 15, 2009

10 Breathtaking Cloud Formations

Have a look at the pictures below”and you never know, they may inspire you to look up to the sky every once in a while.

Florence, Italy

As Frank Slack stood over the Arno river, the combination of the setting sun and clouds rolling in produced this magnificent yellow and gray sky.

Huntsville, Alabama

Wes Thomas was lucky enough to witness these low, fast-moving clouds one night over Jones Valley. To produce the blurred effect, he set the camera to a 30-second exposure.

New York, New York

While walking the Brooklyn Bridge, Ben Brown captured this red sky moment minutes after a summer shower soaked the city.

Rio Vista, California

Looking out toward Mount Diablo from the patio of her home, amateur photographer Rebecca snapped this mixture of red clouds and a blue sky.

Walla Walla, Washington

When the sun is unusually high and the temperature is hot, sometimes a circumhorizontal arc like this one forms”which was immortalized by Lynn Suckow one summer afternoon.

Valencia, Spain

According to Marialuisa Wittlin, these lens-shaped clouds loomed over the mountains all day and she was able to get a shot of them before the sun finished setting”when this lovely scene disappeared.

Buskerud, Norway

For almost an entire month in January 2008, these nacreous clouds”which are known for their mother-of-pearl colors and only form in frigid temperatures”graced the Scandinavia skies.

Central Illinois

When sunlight is diffused through thin clouds with uniform water droplets, it produces vivid colors like these in the photo above”a phenomenon called iridescence.

Santa Fe city, Argentina

Impressive Supercell!!!
perfect lights under the dark clouds

after 8 month of drought.
Although it seemed that rain was pouring, only 25 mm (1 in.) fell.
Note the size of the clouds compared with the small lights of cars going through the highway and the buildings of the city in the background.

Aurora Borealis i

Shot very early hours of the morn (0630 am sgp time) . It was dark .


Hazzy Ishak said...

looks like aurora...nice

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