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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Modern Woodshop Tools

This re-design of an electric planer brings the charm and elegance traditional woodworking hand tools together with a new ergonomic handling concept; reducing wrist tension. Have the most modern and sexy looking woodshop in the neighborhood. The tool’s versatile handling options reduces tension and muscle pain during work, especially holding the tool body underneath the handle bar. It’s covered with CPC, a biodegradable cork-polymere composite material, with a high level of water vapor permability and excellent noise and vibration absorbing properties.

The battery driven electric planer is started by pressing the pressure sensitive safety bar under the handle together with the start button. As soon as the pressure is released from the safety bar, the planer stops. Due to the symmetrical nature of its construction, the Freehand Planer is as easy to use for right-handed and left-handed people.


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