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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

10 Automated Car Parking Systems

The amazing VW Autostadt

Cardok, secret room car elevator

1930s Automatic Car Park

System Grando - Cylindrical car parking system

Dubai Robot car park

Pigeonhole Parking Lot

Mechanical Underground Parking Station Systems

Robotic Car Park, Breach Candy Mumbai

Automated Car Parking System

Carsafe by Westfalia Technologies, Inc


Steve Paul said...

Wonderful blog covering all aspects regarding parking ! quite helpful for my Gatwick Parking

Freya George said...

Yes this is amazing and I am wondering that how magnificent it is. Thanks for sharing all at one place. Parking Gatwick

Jenna Catlin said...

the biggest benefit of such smart car parks is that the vehicles consume less space and a huge number of vehicles can be managed.Airport Car Parking at Heathrow

perry cole said...

These automated car parking systems are a better approach
for easy car parking, avoiding car parks in different areas,avoidance in building parking lots in
congested areas and giving spaces for people to walk on and other cars to drive easily. Hence another good improvement in field of IT :)
Meet and greet Gatwick

carla grace said...

Informative post regarding car parking system. The benefits of these modern car parks is their space consumption is less and provides secure system . in similar for the automated secure car parking is also available at meet and greet parking Gatwick

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