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Friday, September 5, 2008

Amazing laptop with THREE monitors

“Laptop” is somewhat of a misnomer for this thing since it doesn’t look as if it’s capable of functioning on anyone’s lap. It’s got three 15″ 1024×768 monitors, two of which are detachable to fit inside the case, which is the size of a large briefcase. Without worrying about the slim factor, it looks like it could pack some serious hardware inside, although there are no details on this particular model. It is technically portable, or more portable than your desktop and 3 LCDs, and will in fact run on batteries. No specs on the battery life with all 3 monitors playing different video games (which is what I would somehow contrive to do), but I would estimate it to be about twelve minutes (which is eleven and a half minutes longer than my current laptop battery). If this all seems borderline ridiculous, it may not surprise you that it’s manufactured by the Acme (Portable Machines) Corporation, famous for supplying Wylie E. Coyote with things like dehydrated boulders, jet propelled pogo sticks, female roadrunner costumes… I could go on and on.

No price seems to be available on the Acme website as of yet.


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