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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Don't try to get married in an unusual way


Shana said...

its not the same person,right? the first pic shows the bride wearing a glove and the second pic one shows a bride wearing a flower band

cT cHaN said...

i second that..
and the colour of the hair too.. hurm..

cT cHaN said...

plus the wedding dress.. it's totally different..

Balqis Hadi said...

in the second picture, obviously the couple got in a car accident.

mR.WaHaB said...

it's a different man first pic maybe is a indian's man..

Jayshia McIntyre said...

It isn't the same arm. The first pic shows her right arm. The second pic is showing the girl's left arm. However, I agree that the two couples are completely different. Their hair colors and style are not the same, as well as the difference in the dresses and nationalities of everyone involved.

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