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Monday, October 20, 2008

Gold Porsche

World's First Gold Gilded Porsche Boxter

Gold Porsche
This 22-karat gold-plated Boxster goes by the name of Gold Porsche. (Sometimes you just gotta call a cat a cat.) There will be limited production of models for sale (nine worldwide). However, if you've got the cash (and a real burning desire to ensure everyone knows you've got some), any Porsche model, regardless of engine configuration or interior, can be covered in the beaten gold. As a buyer, you can choose which of the vehicle's parts to goldenize (the body, the steering wheel, the doorknobs, the wheels and so on). For the smallest Boxster, pricing starts at around 150,000 Euros (around $190,000 U.S.). No word on how much heavier the Porsche gets with the flash, but we're sure it's worth its weight in gold.


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