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Thursday, October 16, 2008

PLANES you've never ever seen before


PakciQue said...

Aku rasa semua macam tipu je..mcm di photoshopkan..


I think all photos are fake..looks like photoshop

mohdrizal said...

Ada setengah gambar tu mcm tak logic je kapal terbang je. Kalau betol ade mmg tak bole terbang punye, sbb enjin dia ada kat kepala depan kapal terbang.. hahaha..

cT cHaN said...

tp nmpak mcm real..

ySer said...

i can tell the truth..yg btl second and third jer..len smua photoshop..haha

cT cHaN said...

aah.. br perasan..
mmg diedit..
btw, nice job juge..

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