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Thursday, May 21, 2009

15 Creative Umbrellas

* Water Gun Umbrella
15 Creative Umbrellas @ strange pictures

The Umbrella Water Gun, from Alexy Woolley Design, collects water in the concave top, which travels down into the water gun handle -- so you never run out of ammo as long as it's raining! Really cool!

*Light Saber Umbrella

15 Creative Umbrellas @ strange pictures

Take the trendy and illuminating properties of a LED flashlight, mix in a light emitting multi-coloured handle, throw in the terribly useful water repelling function of an umbrella and you've got a hip and wacky way to brighten up a dismal day in the city. The Light Saber Umbrella is $41.

* Senz Umbrella

15 Creative Umbrellas @ strange pictures

Also known as "The Storm," the Senz Umbrella has an aerodynamic design and the manufacturer claims it can withstand storms up to wind force 10.

* Cloud Umbrella

15 Creative Umbrellas @ strange pictures

This inflatable cloud-shaped Umbrella is an unique model. In order to unfold it, you just need to push and pull the air drum built in the handle. It might that you are the only one with white clouds floating over the head.

* Couple Umbrella

15 Creative Umbrellas @ strange pictures

This $19,99 double umbrella could double the rain coverage for lovers. Plus, when closed, it seems like a typical umbrella.

* Nubrella

15 Creative Umbrellas @ strange pictures

Nubrella is no ordinary umbrella: it can be easily strap on your shoulder so that you do not need to hold it with your hand. It stops rain, wind, snow and extreme cold-- and keeps your head, face and shoulders drier than ever.

* Polite Umbrella

15 Creative Umbrellas @ strange pictures

Designed to avoid hitting others, the Polite Umbrella is a shrinkable umbrella that enables users to morph its shape in order to reduce occupied space and to increase user maneuverability. Users can easily adjust their umbrellas anytime by pulling a handle so that they can protect themselves from harsh winds or bumping into others.

* UNbrella

15 Creative Umbrellas @ strange pictures

Conventional umbrellas come with a fixed surface. Although it is changeable, you cannot replace it easily. This eco-friendly design is more flexible. It is actually only a collapsible umbrella skeleton without any surface, so you can put anything such as newspapers, plastic bags or whatever you want to serve as the protecting surface.

* Brelli Umbrella

15 Creative Umbrellas @ strange pictures

Brelli is the world's first 100% biodegradable umbrella, made with a unique biodegradable plastic canopy and bamboo. And it looks cool too.

* Bumpbrella

15 Creative Umbrellas @ strange pictures

The Bumpbrella is convenient in the sense that it can be inflated easily with the help of a hand pump and deflated at the pull of a handle, so it doesn't take up too much precious space. Even if you can't help bumping into people, you can spare them the poke in the eye. This continues to be true even in the dark, thanks to the three bright LEDs which allows you to see and be seen clearly.

* Huge Japanese Umbrella

This gigantic umbrella was seen in Tokyo, Japan, sadly there isn't more info, but it looks bizarre enough to make it here.

* Flask Umbrella

This Brigg umbrella features a Malacca cane two-piece handle with a fitted screw-in drinking flask. That's all well and good, but this thing costs around $880! Now correct me if I'm wrong, but if you have $880 to spend on a umbrella, you also have enough money to pay for your drinks.

* Umbuster Umbrella

The Umbuster is an Umbrella with an ergonomically positioned knuckle duster handle configuration. Looks pretty comfy.

* Ufo Umbrella

Sure, you could wear a raincoat if you don't feel like carrying an umbrella, but does it really keep you dry? I didn't think so. This combination of Umbrella+Cap does that. Sadly, the Ufo Cao is Korea-only for now, but I'm pretty sure they'll be glad to ship one to you.


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