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Friday, May 29, 2009

Artificial legs elephant

Artificial legs activity can help those who have a deficiency in the foot. During this false feet used only by men. But, what if the foot is subject to a fake elephant.

This is the experienced Mosha, a bishop three years living in Lampang, Thailand. Mosha had lost the right front leg since the age of seven months due to a drop in the mine.

Luckily, when the fatal accident Mosha can be saved. He was the hospital Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE) in Lampang in 2007. FAE is the only elephant hospital in the world.

Fact, with only have three legs, Mosha minder seems to interact with other elephants in the hospital is. Saking minder and stresnya, Mosha reject the food.

Team doctors who handle Mosha is concerned with the condition. Mosha times until a meeting with Dr Therdchai Jivacate, who run the foundation abscission man, Prostheses Foundation. Dr Jivacate very Mosha not know because he akan selamat akan large increases according to age. "If you can not walk, he will die," said Jivacate.

During this foundation owned Jivacate create a artificial leg for more than 16,000 people. However, they did not make up for the elephants Mosha attract Jivacate. After a special research, the team doctor in the Prostheses Foundation works to create a false leg for Mosha. Artificial legs is made from a mixture of plastic materials, sawdust, and iron, which is able to allow a weight Mosha. Artificial legs for the first time in the world be a bishop.

Many elephants are treated in the hospital is. Have the infection, fracture, or knee injury. But in between the elephants of the hospital, and finally the Moshalah popular, especially with the foot palsunya.

Turbulence is also a false leg, and feel stress minder Mosha fade away. Approximately one year after the operation, Mosha want to eat every day. He also developed to grow large, so the team doctor also create new false legs larger and more powerful. Mosha now more diligent beraktivitas. After the play, he usually rest and sleep. Palsunya feet he removed every bed.

"Mosha should already be living longer and happier. He grew with confidence and now he was happy to play with colleagues the other," said Soraida Salwala, one of the FAE staff.

Mosha is currently still living in the FAE. Previously, it live in the tropical forest region in northern Thailand near the Cambodian border. Mosha now also become a new symbol of resistance to the use of banned weapons.


salman said...

Elephant Mosha get new a artificial leg

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