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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The giant's jellyfish

The Japanese researchers at this time were busy monitored akitivities the giant's jellyfish in Chinese waters and they commemorated would the existence of the invasion of this creature of Japanese waters in the near future that was potential katastropik. The same incident had also happened during 2005.

The marine Japanese researchers comprehended the worrying signal concerning the existence of the increase in the number of Nomura jellyfish - the giant's jellyfish that could grow through to berdiameter 2 metre and heavy 220 kg. The researchers said that the flow of sea water could bring the samples entered Japanese waters. This large-scale invasion will it was confirmed destroy the Japanese fisheries industry because the jellyfish released poison that killed the arrest fish.

This survey was carried out by a team that was led by Shinichi Ue, a professor of marine biology in the Hiroshima University that also headed the committee of the government researcher that was assigned to develop technology to predict and control the growth of the jellyfish. Prof Ue researched the jellyfish population in Kuning Sea and the South China Sea since 2006.


noreen said...

whoooaaa...its like a giant mushroom.............. =P

umairah said...

whoaa...its so mystery..
if can i touch it.. :) :) :)

Wan Arief Imran Wan Razali said...

touch it n u'll b dead..seriously..

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